Bad Mister, Thank you so much for taking so much time mainly just to decipher my inept writing After reading your latest reply, I think there is no arpeggio involved here. It must be manually setup in AMS. So do I need to update the usb midi driver found in the yamaha site? These are not the notes I played. Fri Feb 22, 5:

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When running it thru Cubase?

Motif XF USB-MIDI Setup Macintosh – Yamaha Synth

That is what you played to trigger the arpeggiator. A port has 16 Midi channels. Last edited by logic8mine on Fri Feb 22, This is what it is designed for…. I was wondering how do I hook up my es8 to an imac running logic pro 9 as a midi controller?. Recall protocol allows you to store and recall your external hardware settings in your Cubase Project File. You cannot ever start an arpeggio by simply pressing the play button I’m sure that is all clear to you, but I’m having a difficult time following what you wrote.

Guys at Yamaha dont seem to help on this though as they think they I should purchase their new XF! Then, when the Motif arpeggiator stops, it then places what seem to be random note on instructions the so called hanging notes on the VST.


This is pretty cool….

I just need to know now if a midi sync is possible so I can get the Motif to act as slave dump midi data that I have sequenced on the Motif tracks.

This data will be bundled and Saved.

I get rid of these held notes, by simply tapping the corresponding keys. First off, motfi for the quick and thorough reply. Sorry that the best I can offer.

I trying to figure out if the Motif arpeggiator could be sending any additional MIDI data thru the USB other than what I recorded on the one track that I set up to send to an external tone generator. Restoring my Mix to my Motif XF. When you are restoring a previously saved Cubase Project you will want the Es88 to send your saved data back to the Motif XF.

I am careful to ONLY configure my tracks to only send the one channel of notes out track Of course they are held notes. You can use any of the pre-made Templates or you can create your own. It can only generate note ysb in response to either the Keyboard, or the Sequencer.


Maybe the VST is misreading a sequencer stop as a held note on instruction?

Those held notes are the ones you undoubtedly use to trigger send instructions to the ES arpeggiator. An external device cannot tell the difference between notes on track 16 and the arpeggiator mtoif to Part Why this extra step? When running the VST standalone?

It draws a cable.

USB devices that can be used with the Motif es

Cubase will ask you to select a directory for your Project. Advantage and Conclusion The Studio Connection: Ws8 you record it, it is no longer an arpeggio You can customize these instructions to your own preferences. Thus the difference in how things behave.